Blah, Blah, Blah

My friend came over the other day and watched A NEW HOPE with me. Mom had taken all of the other kids except sleeping Mallory to the park for Taco Bell and she dropped our soft tacos off before she left. We decided to eat them before we started the movie so could just talk and dilly-dally around. Had a nice talk, ate all our food, and went downstairs to start the show. We heard a knock on the door--- Mom was back! "You JUST finished LUNCH????" Even by this time the little yellow words were not done rolling up the screen. Whoops! Guess that's what happens to chatterboxes:)
But what was very strange was that we didn't talk the whole time during the movie! Now I said we didn't talk the whole time...Just about half the time. We watched all of the LORD of the RINGS' together and the STAR WARS prequels........talking the ENTIRE time! I suppose we didn't have anything to say since our ENTIRE lunch was spent "Jabber - Jawzzing" (Laura Beth)