LB's Splinter

Hello Everyone!!!

This Spring is really busy....and HOT!!! Christian and Joshua both have soccer practices and games that have consumed the evenings lately so that we don't always get to eat together. So now we sometimes go to Dad's work and picnic with him by a fountain outside (Joshua calls it "The Ocean"). We took Taco Bell and a soccer ball yesterday and ate, talked, got chased by fire ants, and all that jazz. Of course, no picnic is complete without a soccer game! Laura was playing an Laney's! When we got home she was feeling a little sick and told us she had a rock in her foot. Sure enough, there was a little black, sharp thing in her toe! She wanted to take a nap because she wasn't feeling good, and Christian said that she had surely gotten deyedrated. Twenty minutes of soccer? Whew! That'll do that to ya! I was going to kinda stop it there, but Christian and Laura just walked up with the triumphant news that Christian had pulled the rock-which acually turned out to be a stick out with the tweezers! I think he likes pulling her teeth and splinters and such.

Got to Go to Breakfast!