A Fix

Reeses asked me on Wednesday if anything exciting was going on bleed-wise and I had to say no. Well, now on Thursday it's another story! Jesse just crawled in from outside while I was doing piano with his lip sticking out and the only clean spot on that red face being the parts the tears washed off - the most PITIFUL sight you ever saw! "Meggy, I need a band- aid!!!" I went over and this time there is no blood at all. Just a little red dot. I said, "Where?"
"Wite Hewe!" he bawls.
"Why do you need a band-aid? That's not a bleed."
" No, it's a scwape. And it needs a band-aid!"
"Why? What's a band-aid gonna do?"
"It's gonna be ON my knee!"
"Why does it need to be?"
"'Cause I got a SCRAPE!"
About here he starts getting frustrated and I give up and get him a band-aid. "Fank oo Meggy". Back to piano. 2 minutes later Christian comes in telling me to get Jesse in trouble for throwing a fit. He says Jesse hurt his knee while throwing the fit. Point of the fit is: He doesn't wanna come in for throwing a different fit. Sigh, sigh,sigh,sigh. I say he needs to sit in bed. (He is obviously tired) Oh my. I think most of you know what that means. The thing is Mom is outside mowing so there's no telling him to confess the over-usage of vocal cords. I literally drag him to his bed, waking up Mallory and Nathan on the way. (Nathan shares a room with him) I have to close the boy's door so Mallory won't hear as much. Jesse doesn't like that, but then neither does Nathan. They both scream. That's when I start feeling in a big FIX. Jesse ends up quieting down so I'll open the door. I did. I hugged Nathan for awhile. It's bad to have to do something he hates when it's not his fault I have to do it. Then I leave. Nathan cries. I go in about 61 seconds later and Jesse is asleep. Nathan still whines for 30 minutes and then Mom comes to get him up. Whew! Back to piano:P
Use a lot of Jesus 'cause you can't do this stuff on your own!
Meggy T