Hey Ya'll!
Ronaldo(my brother's favorite nick-name) had a tournament for state cup this weekend.
Mom wanted to go so Grandma came from Texas to stay with us. We went to SONIC, got snow-cones, went for walks, watched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, ect. It was a lot of fun and all the boys behaved pretty well (Mom took baby Angel-Cakes with her)Grandma
left this morning. Today I read ELSIE DINSMORE, did some extra school,fixed the chain on my bike(with a hammer<:)and watched Ronaldo and J-man play XBOX (STAR WARS Episode III). We gave JM his own user and let him play single player for awhile. I think it's amazing how everything comes naturally to him. The very first time we let him try to play he struck more cool moves than we knew how!lol! Laura had dance today and I went and saw Hillary (fun) and now boys are all around me with guns! Aaaaaaahhh!!!