Slowpoke Shoppers

Yesterday I went shopping with those chocolates that messed up their blog.(Ha,ha,ha you guys!) ;D We started at the book fair and I bought a couple of books, talked with Andies & Rolos, and got bonked in the head with a box by their cousin:P We went to some garage sales ( nothing good) and went to Taco Bell to wait for Reeses and Twix. Andies bought us lunch (sweet lil thang) and we laughed at each others faces when we all tried Twix's yucky coconut water! Then we went across the street to Name Brand Clothing. First thing we laid eye on was some prom dresses, so we picked some out and headed to the dressing room with the camera. I decided I didn't wanna do it (I'm so mean!) so I had fun laughing at and taking pictures of everybody else with Reeses's camera.(I'm sure I'm gonna get pictures soon!) We had fun looking around and lollygagging and before we knew it it was time to GO! And we had planned on going to at least two other places! Oh, Well. It was fun. Reeses talked me into letting her get me a skirt and some sashes while we were there. (actually, she literally shoved me into it. Ask the witnesses!) {Sweet lil thang!}