Piano Partying

I want to put this on a separate post just for the sake of putting another post in!:P
Laney and I went to a piano party at Britt's. Laney played her songs good and then I walk up and forget my song! Laney said, "Geez, and everyone knows you're my sister!" lol! I gathered my thoughts and got it right the second time. After that everyone went outside to eat. Yum! Some of the little guys were playing a game like musical chairs except you have to step on wooden circles. I got Hannah to play with me and even though Luke tried desperately to turn off the music and get me out of the game... I won and got some scrapbook paper! We played musical bingo and I didn't win. I get pegged with beans and little tree gumballs and then......Dad comes to pick us up! Fun time!

We were just about to have tea today when the doorbell rings. It was Grandma and Mangnay! What a Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!