Saturday Syrup

Hello All!
Today is Sunday and we just got back from church and SAMS. Dad got a REALLY comfy computer chair! (Acually, I think I'm on the home computer more than he is so it's MY chair:P) But this title is "Saturday Syrup" so I'll have to tell you about yesterday.
Dad and Ronaldo went to OK City at 5:00am for a soccer tournament. Little sister #1 and I made some August pies together. Well, OK not together. We took turns doing ingredients and reading ELSIE'S CHILDREN out loud. Baby Lily died in the story. It was her turn to read and I could barely hear anything. She cried and cried:P
Anyway the pies got done (we had them this morning for breakfast by the way:9) and then we heard Ronaldo's team made LAST PLACE and had to come home that night instead of the next day! Kinda good and kinda bad. They still outplayed everyone though. I made some French Toast and here's where the syrup part comes in. I sit by J man and he wants some syrup on his toast. I reach over and kinda miss the bottle and J man's hand was there so it fell over - spilling all over little sister #1 and my ELSIE'S CHILDREN book. So of course who cares that syrup's on the table, just grab the book. It was closed so it just got on the OUTISDE of the pages. Rinsed it off and ran a hair dryer through it. No crinkled up pages, no stains except for some in those front pages that don't have anything on them. Now you can't tell what happened besides the fact that it has a lovely scent of 100% pure, Vermont Maple Syrup!!!
Keep Your Books Off The Kitchen Table!
Meggy T