Tater-tot is my cousin that is here right now. He'll be here for about 3 weeks. We were doing school still at first but now we're doing extra school for money instead of the Summer Reading Program. I think I'll do some vocabulary 2day for a dollar. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice now for 5 dollars. I started it for fun and now I'm getting money for it! FUN!!! I'm going to read Little Women soon. If anyone has any report of ERAGON by Christopher Paolini (I spelled that wrong, I just know it!) comment me on it. It looks like a fun read but you never know.
But anyway this doesn't have anything to do with Tater-tot except that he's participating. Ronaldo's having fun because TT is so close to his age. They've been playing soccer a lot. We're also currently making an FBI movie with our guest star. (Hi Ace Productions!:P I finished editing two movies and I'll probably be able to bring them next week.)
Have a Blessed Day!
Meggy T