Dad's Birthday & Stuff

Today is Dad's birthday! 39! We just finished some Super Sour Cake. Pretty sour, but really not bad!:9
Ronaldo had Turtle over to play 2day and they LEGOd and swam and played guns and that kinda thing.
Had piano with Roger girl 2day.
Joshua read the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR to me! Not really, he memorized it - sort of. Memorized it to the point where the caterpillar stays in it's cocoon for 100 years!:P It was the most fun I've ever had reading THAT book! He also sang me a song a learned in story time at the library. He sang, "Alligator cake, alligator cake, you can take away my........ french fries, you can take away my....uh....slush.. but you can't take away my ALLIGATOR CAKE!!!!" Cute kid! He loves Story Time!
God Bless!
Meggy T