Postin' afore Lunch About a Lizard

Hi peoples! (those peoples are Britter and Emy, I don't know if anyone else reads this thing!:P)
Well about what I was supposed to post about: We're sitting around, listening to Mom read a book, eating lemonade and cookies (that sounds as weird as drinking cookies and lemonade) when I get up something. There is a LIZARD in my path! I say in what Laura calls my "freaked out voice", " There's a lizard. In our house. Right there. Oh my goodness." Ya know, freaked out voice means period at the end of every three words and all that jazz. Of course, Ronaldo is up and over there in a second saying, "GET A CONTAINER! GET A CONTAINER!" and everyone's trying to get a look while I walk out of the room. If Ronaldo's involved before he's done the lizard's gonna end up in my hair, or lost on my bed or something that's gonna make me flip out or go beserk in the
end. Well they actually catch it in the tupperware container , and I go back in and get a better look. It's got black and yellow stripes and a blue tail - pretty cute. Called it Gieco:P! We kept it until Dad came home then Mom let it out - outside, not in my bed.
Better go eat lunch! Call on Jesus when you're trapped in some kind of tupperware container!!!:P:P:P:P:D
Meggy T