Soccer in the Lone Star State

Hello Ya'll!
Sorry it has been SSOOOO LLLOOONNNGGG since I posted!
We went to TX this weekend for a soccer tourney (When I say WE I mean Dad, Ronaldo, J and J, and me). I'm the one who tags along to film stuff. Anyway, we stayed @ my Grandparents house enjoying XBOX, Homestar Runner, and TV and all that jazz between those awsome games that we won (Didn't lose at At ALL). Really cool! It's nice having DVD players for the road trips. They watched RETURN of the JEDI in back, and I watched PRIDE and PREJUDICE in front. When it got to the boring part, I stuck in the BONUS MATERIALS of the STAR WARS trilogy. FUN!!!
When I got back, Laura and Laney had painted the desk in our room! I was really happy that it was pink and not red with orange stripes and purple polka-dots! :-P
Too bad about the shopping date Brittsey and Emy-Nemyies!: Z
See ya peoples!
Meggy T