Tis The Season

This season....it makes you think HOT!!!!!!!!! Not the kinda season I was thinking about.
We went to church today and our pastor was doing one of those "return of Christ", "end of the world" type sermons. (I love those:-D) Well anyhow, He was talking about where it says nobody knows when Jesus is coming back except for the Father. BUT you're allowed to know the season...just not the day or hour. Ya know, the season where people are arrogant, self-seeking, proud, lovers of pleasure instead of God, all that.......sounds like NOW to me huh? Tis the season! Don't keep in step with the spirit of the world - it is all that listed above. He (my cool pastor) used the tsunami thing. When the tsunami first starts it pulls water from the shore. Curious people wander after the water.....to be lets say....dunked x1000000000. They didn't know the sign of the tsunami. Some people don't know the sign of the times so they keep in step. JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!!!! Be ready!
As for what I'm up to, Dad and Ronaldo went out to dinner last night and came back with..........BATTLEFRONT II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laney and I about went nuts. We started playing it and I got pretty annoyed, thinking, "Oh, we'll ask JA or Brando or some other guy we know that knows how 2 PLAY this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But eventually we figured it out. (Not to say we won't need to ask ya'll before we get any farther:P)
PS- About knowing the season, but not the day it reminded me of my Grandma. She calls and says she's coming sometime in the week on Sunday and we have NO IDEA what day!!! Sometimes she pops up the next day or sometimes she doesn't come at all...... Sometimes she doesn't call at all and we find her in our driveway when we get back from a soccer game!!! It's kinda funny.