Hi Peoples!

Finished tagging sale items today ands also finished TWO TOWERS. Want to get more in shape than I am so I told myself last night if I can walk every day for a week I can buy myself something. Started out good today! Just lost a BATTLEFRONT II mission. Whew! BATTLEFRONT, TWO TOWERS, sometimes I think I'm more than half boy!:P BUT to console myself on THAT, I have been reading ELSIE DINSMORE!.....and I'm waiting to get a STAR WARS book in. ARRRRG! Worse and worse! Lemme try sumfin else. I'm NOT working out for big muscles and I DON'T know a lot of guys who are excited about the Growing Kids Sale. HaHa. SOMEBODY tell me something girly about me! Lets make the girly side the biggest side! :p
Gotta Go!