Little Guys

Hi everyone who reads this post!
I have 4 little bros. Soooooo handsome and cute and............mischeifey (family word:P). Other day the youngest ones were playing with some bottles of nail polish and of course, it had to be the red one that broke all over the carpet. We kinda had a choice of bleaching it with fingernail polish remover or trying to clean it up with something else.........pretty much a choice between red or white carpet! After firing up the floor shampooer thing and using a roll of paper towels and some simple green, we now have a spot of orange carpet. Good as it's gonna get!:P
We have a new way of getting the house cleaning done fast and fun. Everyone is armed with a vacuum or a duster or something and on "GO!" everyone starts working. We do it with a timer to try to beat last week's times. Pretty fun!
Thing that made me excited today was that this girl is ENGAGED!!!! YYYYEEEESSSS!
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God Bless!