J & JD's First Day

Ok, they are 5 and 3. But this is their first day as in a day of firsts. Dad's been on vacation this week and today is the LAST DAY! (everbody say AW, MAN!) It went so fast!!!!!!!! This morning he took J, JD and Ronaldo fishing at Ronaldo's coach's house. He had bought the little guys SPIDERMAN fishing poles the night before and they were pretty excited. They each caught a fish and Ronaldo caught 5. Dad took pictures. J L-O-V-E-D it!!!!!!!!!! JD calls it "goin' da fishie" and he had fun too! First time for both of them to do that by the way. We just got back from CARS. That's a cute show! MY first time to see it and THEIR first time to go to the movies. Dad had been trying to take us for a little while and twice we all drove out there........and they were closed. Frustratin. But we all got to see it and got to go somewhere w/ Dad! Fun stuff! He doesn't get a vacation every day! Jman said CARS was a pretty good "fun sing" but he liked fishing better. I have a feeling he's gonna start wanting to go more. Like on his birthday. Every fun sing comes on his birthday. Like going under my bed and finding all the treasure. I'll complete this post on what I did durin' Dad's vacation and the Growing Kids Sale and what in the land of middle earth am I talking about when I say treasure under my bed.