Next Part of the Last Post

Hello my family and my friendses!
Whazzupp w/ ya'll? Anyway I am completing that post I said I was gonna finish. And guess whaat? ON MY NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!! WOWEE!!!!!!!!! I love it but it's gonna take sometime to get used to. Ya know, since you type with the keyboard in your lap (which is acually a WHOLE LOT cooler than I thought it would be try it sometime) and everything on this screen is REALLY huge. I tried to fix that but it didn't work. Forgive me if my typing is kinda weird, I have to get used to the keyboard. Oh yeah, almost forgot to say Ronaldo set up this computer "almost all by himself"I wasn't there so I don't know how true that all is but he was pretty happy. He called it, "The Beginning of his Second Career". Kinda catchy if I do say so myself. But when I called him a Microsoft Engineer/Professional Soccer Player he told me to switch it around.
So. So on. So. I drove again last night. In the dark. It was a little nervousing. It was on the way back from R's soccer practice so he was there...Freakin out. Dad fruck out too once when he thought I was gonna wreck but I had my foot on the brake and it was dark and he didn't know that. I had to reverse and my mirror wasn't adjusted and it was dark and it was weird and it was freak-outy. Dark too. Well. Drove between parked cars and saw one driving like only 50ft away from me. Scary!(Don't laugh. It was dark and I could hardly see anything.) Whoakay! On with the rest of the post! (Did I mention it was dark?:P:P:P:P:P:P)
Well Growing Kids Sale went good and I get around $66 off it! They don't have my size clothes anymore so I was Laney's "Agent". Which means I picked clothes for her and showed her wherre stuff was and stuff. That was cool um...............Oh yeah treasure under the bed. Jman once found a missing book under there and got money for finding it so I think that's why he thinks there's treasure under there. On his birthday when he goes under I guess I'll put some coins and his present under there. So so so easy to get the big crecent-eyed smile. That's my favorite kind. I better git.
Comments to my readers: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY GRANDMA, AUNT MICH AND GG! Dudewhat'sthatsmell, MAKE A NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vio-lou, SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO happy ya got one! Britter your xanga AND your blog are short of those awsome posts! Hi Emynemies! See ya at the field trip! Um... Hi anybody else!
Meggy T