Well now I OFFICIALLY have NO BRACES!!!!!!!!! My retainer came in and I think I'm already getting used to having it in! At first I couldn't stand it. You can't really see it in my mouth (Which is sometimes inconvienent because all my sibs wanna "see it"). Earlier Jman tried to reach in my mouth and take it out!

On JDs birthday he got a card from our neighbors with $5 in it. Big FUN! He didn't wanna put it in his bank right away and carried it around in his pocket. A little later Jman and JD come in each holding half of a 5 dollar bill. "Look Mom! We SHARED it!" LOL! Hahahahaha! So cute! We mean to tape it but I think it's still on the kitchen island. I don't wanna tape it it's too cute! We should maybe put it in JD's scrapbook.

I did end up winning the LORD OF THE RINGS TRIVIA game. JA challenged me to a rematch
and I said OK. I think he was pretty upset...

God Bless!