JD IS 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a big boy huh? We opened presents this morning so he could play with them all day. He got some guns that shoot those foam missle thingys, Lu got him one o dem basketball goals that hangs on your door, Mom n Dad got him a SPIDERMAN bike helmet, Joshua got him a soccer game (which I will get into in a minute), and I got him a SCOOBY DOO MEETS BATMAN movie. He's been watching it all morning. We had Donuts for breakfast. Amazinain'tit? (That's also Ronaldo's BATTLEFRONT 2 name. He was going for WEDGE ANTELLIES but....) OK about that soccer game. Jman got it at TYS R US yesterday with his own $6-and then some!:P It was the first thing he ever bought with his own money. It's a game where there is a big guy. You push his head to make his foot move to kick the ball. You spin the spinner to find out where you kick it from. The other player tries to use the goalie to block you from kicking a goal. and then you take turns that way. Anyway..........RONALDO LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so funny. I played it with him this morning and we tied. He's playing it right now. I told him I shoulda gotten it for him for his birthday and he said, "YEAH!"
I french-braided my hair today. About to edit some pics I took yesterday at the OZARK CUP. Express has held that cup for two years now and we just got bumped down by a lesser team. Dissapointing. Some tears on the team. We'll do better. See ya Peoples!