Stuff I've Done & Stuff I Haven't Done

Stuff I've Done:

1 We went to Tulsa a couple weeks ago and lost ourselves a soccer tournament.

2 Dad and Ronaldo went to Memphis last weekend to lose ourselves ANOTHER tournament.

3 I didn't go to Memphis I went to Chris's wedding. Beautiful and awsome!

4 Wrote myself a pitiful lament poem about our stinky soccer team. It's really a sad thing. But we shall rise from the depths of defeat to the......uh......heights of happiness because we'll win!:P (That gives you an idea of how pathetic the lament is!:P)

5 Wrote myself a review on OVER THE HEDGE. Good Show! Rated it AA (Awsome for All)

Stuff I Haven't Done:

1 Mom's bringing home CARS

2 We're doing pictures for somebody tomorrow and I go to Dad's work at 3:45pm to help and before that I'm going to edit pictures and watch a movie with Bekah.

Have a nice day!