A Weird Monday

Dad's off work for Thanksgiving week so we're off school for Thanksgiving week so Monday seems like Saturday! Whoopykieyiyiyea! Try to say that the way I spelled it!
Saturday we went camping at Devil's Den - kinda. We went for the day and didn't sleep out there. It was great! All the fun of camping and you can still sleep in your nice own bed!!! Went fishing and hiking and had a fire and roasted hot dogs and stuff. Took pictures of course! https://www.thetaggs.smugmug.com/gallery/2082216/5 Very cute pics! A lot of them are scenery and such.
Later we go to see FACING THE GIANTS with the Wingmen. I think it'll be pretty good! Grandparents are supposed to come 2day but they never come when you expect them and I doubt it'll be any different this time! Haha!
Meggy T