SNOW & Good Songs

Like Mayfee said to Dad: "It NOWED outzide!!!!!" We got around a whole.... half-inch. But we had enough to freak out about and play in!!!:P Ronaldo and I teamed up against Laney and Laura to play some capture the flag AKA the water bottle and grill cleaner . We had a pretty good snowball-making factory going on on deck. Got to peg them girls lots of times!:P Joshua was the lookout and had some fun yelling, "CA-CAAAAAAA! They're coming!" when nessecary(sp). We won that. Used the leftover snowballs on each other. Ronaldo whisked LMT's hat clean off her head during THAT mess. It was pretty funny!

Good Songs
There's alot of good christian rock out there. Listening to Air 1 today (
and here are some lines of some songs that made me think of God's awsomeness. Lets see...
There's that new Jeremy Camp song that has that cool part:"the only thing worth holding on to is holding onto me."
And the DELIROUS? song Inside, Outside that goes: "You're all over me, Your banner is over me. I give it all 'cause You still captivate me, facinate me."
Jimmy Needham: "I'm going your way even though I cannot see in front of me"
TobyMac: "I was made to love you.