The Case for a CREATOR part 1

Our Pastor has started this awesome series called "the Case for a Creator". It's a thing on Creation vs. Evolution I'm gonna give ya notes on. He acually started 2 weeks ago, but I'm getting around to putting it on here. It'll probably happen again sometime!

PART 1: "Creation: It's Foundational"

The Bible has Foundations

First is the doctrine of Creation
Second is the doctrine of Resurrection
What happens if these 2 doctrines fail?
If man just "happened" then:
There is no Creator
There is no eternal home
Death is the end of all things
There is no moral absolutes
There is no accountability to a higher authority
Life has no meaning
(Not very pleasant thoughts huh.)

The Alternative to the Creation Account is Darwinism or Evolution

The goal is to destroy in the heart's of men the concept of creation
This is a major goal of the enemy
Man is relieved of the idea that he is under any ultimate authority
Man is relieved of the idea that he is under any ultimate accountability
Man becomes a creature of chance rather than being created in the image of God (So we're just nobodys and this life is it?)
Absolute truth and absolute moral standards are erased
We see the effects of this in our culture today on every hand
It is the basis of a divided culture over so many issues
This issue is the root issue of our time

Indoctrination of Culture

Look closely
It is woven into the fabric of much of our secular education
Not just in biology or sciences
It even effects the way we interpret history, and makes revisions of history
Our children are under the influence and so are we
Media, enertainment and basic culture are inundated with the idea of evolution (Tell me about it)
The most damging ideologies and movements of the 20th century can be traced to Darwinism
The dots can be connected to Marx and even foundational ideas in Hitler's ideology

The Current Condition of our Time

Generally, people still believe that human life is special
People still hold to basic Biblical morality
That love is a virtue
That service and kindness is better than cold blooded domination
But to whatever degree our secular society holds to these things, it does so without spiritual foundation
Today, even many in the church seem to be too intimidated and embarrassed to defend the Biblical account
The church is confused by the mutitude of "authoritative voices" who insist the Bible is either allegory or mistaken
Some are reduced to accommodating the world with a theistic evolutionary position

It's Just a Theory

Naturalism'd formula for the orgin of the universe is: NOBODY + NOTHING=EVERYTHING (that brought a laugh)
What about the big bang?
What was the cause of the big bang?
What went BANG?
Where di the bang substance come from?
How did order come out of chaos? ( Have you ever wrecked your house SO bad everything was where it goes?)
How did beauty and design come out of random chance?
How did life come out of non-life and death?
Who designed the many complex organisms?
Who designed the sophisticated eco-systems?
Where did intelligence come from?
Does the universe have an impersonal intelligence of it's own?
Where di the Laws of nature come from?
These are all basic unanswered questions that are quickly swept aside
The naturalist has an array of insurmountable problems to explain

Naturalism and Modern Culture

Thanks to evolution naturalism is now the dominant religion
Naturalism has replaced Christianity as the main religion of the western world
Evolution is the central doctrine of this religion
*It is religion because it is based on faith
*The idea that natural causes can account for the orgin of all life and order has never been and never will be proven (Amen to that!)
*Science deals with what can be observed and reproduced by experimentation
*The orgin of life can neither be observed or reproduced in the lab
*Belief in evolution is sheer faith (Takes more faith to believe everything "happened" than to believe in an all-powerful Creator!)
*But modern naturalism is extremely evangelistic is the propagation of evolution

I'll post the other one later. Time for tea and I have hand cramps!:P Meggy T