Just as we get used to writing "06" we have to write "07"! Wingmen came over last night and we ate better than we did on Christmas! Meatballs and Hot Wings and veggies and chips and dips. Can't forget brownies! We ate and talked then we all played Apples to Apples and JA won. Pretty fun anyway!:P We talked the Dads into playing Lord of the Rings Trivia with us. Mr. Wingman & Dad were on a team, JT and Ronaldo were on a team, Lane and I were on a team, and JA was on a team. His own team. Think he liked that. So we have the Dads, The boys, the ladies, and the JA. The Dads were saying that they weren't very good but after they took 5 minutes to answer each question they got most of them right! But the boys were the first ones to acually get a FOR THE WIN question! Dad was saying, "I'd be so funny if they won!" But they got their question wrong. Should've seen JT's face!:D Ladies got one next and I dunno what happened. It was an easy one too and we missed it! Then the Dads got theirs and got the easiest one of all and they got it. Yelling and dancing and jumping and escatcy! I'm glad JA just didn't win and he was glad I didn't. So the games go on! They left aroud 11 and we watched Ice Age The Meltdown for the rest of the time. Funfunfun! It's another year closer until Jesus comes back! Comment me!
PS - Just thinking. Can gnats see germs? I mean us to a gnat has gotta be somewhere around the same as a gnat to a germ. Comment me on THAT!
Meggy T