Like the Picture?

It is me on my new throne on Christmas Day. Dad set it up last night. Turns out I tried to put a little banner thing on it and apparently put it in the wrong spot. messed everything up! Dads are handy! Haven't posted in awhile.
As of right now I cannot get to anyone's xanga. I hope to soon! Keep commenting people! Was gonna party with Britter but she got sick! Rats! Are you better yet? Went to Book Study at the Wingmen's instead. Still fun! Can't wait until the next high school fellowship! Should be even more fun!
I am currently reading a book all girls have GOT to read! AUTHENTIC BEAUTY by Leslie Ludy. Got it for my b-day along with I KISSED DATING GOODBYE by Joshua Harris I think. Haven't started that one yet. Glad its Saturday. Wet and Rainy and Nice. No school. Ahhhhh... To whoever's idea it was to have two rest days I think it is great idea. I bet everybody loves their Saturdays!!! Speaking of great ideas, I think somebody should invent an everything pot. So you don't have to wash 2 dozen different ones. Ya know, microwaveable, ovenable, stoveable, etc. (Meggy language):P
I go! Be Blessed