Shopped yesterday. Funfunfun! Afterwards Dad & Lane met us for Andy's concert @ Sweet Bay. Funfunfun too! He's good!
Been thinking..."what was I created for?" If you were to die right now what would you have accomplished in your life? Don't think I'm dying anytime soon because if I did there would not have been a whole lot of reason for God to go and create another person for what I did. OK that did NOT make sense! Point of the last sentence was I don't think I've done anything spectacular. Or maybe I have and don't know it. So if I die tomorrow just know I'm asking God what His idea was in putting me on earth!
Little side note I've been meaning to put but pretty late. If you don't care about football skip this part. Brett Favre is gone forever.Weeping and sadness! After playing as #4 QB for the Green Bay Packers for........somthingteen years! How shall the man ever be replaced? Who's gonna be my favorite player now? Ah well. I guess the age of Peyton Manning has arrived!:P Whoever my favorite is it's their age - whether they stink or not! How come my favorite team doesn't do so good? The teams I don't like end up being STARS! I mean what's with the Steelers anyway? Enough of this.
May God richly bless you and protect your favorite Quarterbacks from the vile serpent RETIREMENT!!!:P
Meggy T