Family Funfunfun!!!

My Korean Grandma and Great-Grandma came this week. Funfunfun! Grandma got me a curling iron for valentine's day!!! She also brought a tripod I'm gonna use for my video camera!!! Whoohoo!!! You wanna hear something funny? SHE GIVES HER FISH A BATH!!! I'm nought keeding!!! After she cleans the tank she takes her beta and runs him underwater scrubbing him! I mean, everybody knows ya don't put a dirty fish in a clean tank right?:P Halmony (great-grandma) is awesome! She speaks like no English but she understands it. She went to Ronaldo's soccer practice and fell over backward in the miniature lawn-chair thing....and got up laughing hysterically!! She's uh....almost 100 years old! Quick as a cat! Don't let her fool ya!:P Speaking of Ronaldo his alias name is currently Wedge. He wanted something that sounded less suspicious...Heheh. I'll probably forget and use Ronaldo. So for those of you who were confused with Ronaldo and STILL don't know what I'm talking about...tough luck!!:P My alias name is Ivy for now. Wedge gave it to me. Tell me if you think up something better.
By the way, the Colts rock! Have to say I freaked out preety bad when that guy first TOUCHED the ball and took it ALL THE WAY DOWNFIELD to the end zone. Can I get an Uh-huh? Dad? IvyMeggyJesusChick