Wesley's first Splinter

It's only fair that I should tell you about Wesley(J-man's alias name)'s first splinter incident. He came in, screaming and crying to me and holding his finger out to me. He had a little sharp stick stuck in the top layer of his little skin. Funny looking. Both ends stuck out the sides. I told him to calm down and got the tweezers. "WHAT ARE DOSE??????!!!!!!"
"Tweezers. They'll get it out for you."
"Is it gonna hurt?"
"A little bit maybe but you gotta be brave!"
"But - I just don't want to die. That is what I do not want to do!" *Oh the drama...*
"I promise you are not gonna die about this. Not a big deal. Just be tough!" He did toughen up and stopped crying by the time we found Mom and asked HER to get it out. "OK. Close your eyes....there. Got it." Not a hurt. Not a tear. He went to get ready to go back outside and I resumed my position in the schoolroom. Only to be interrupted by the little 3-year-old J-dude screaming and crying to me. "Not another one!" It wasn't. He had been sitting in the deck corner in a subdued little pile crying about Joshua's accident. Obviously neither of them had ever seen anything like it. He got to look at the remains of the accident and everybody went back outside and lived happily ever after until Mayfee threw a fit and hurt himself two minutes later. Things are normal around here:)

I have done the superhero test and I am... dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada - CHING! GREEN LANTERN!!!!! Not that cool because I dunno who he is or what his power is or anything! Somebody help me! Brando, my brother is a lot like you....he's Robin too LOL! I am 66% Robin. Only 50% Hulk that's for Bekah. I'm only half like you girl!:P Wesley is the mild mannered Superman. But we all guessed it. It fits him so well! Take the test here: http://www.thesuperheroquiz.com God Bless beloved readers!!! Meggy T