The Dream

I dreamed the best dream last night. It could be the most powerful christian movie ever I think! Problem is I don't remember most of it. Just the plot. What I remember is that it was about a girl about my age and she's mad at her dad and her mom doesn't care about her and the only person she really thinks she loves is her big brother. Her parents actually end up getting divorced sometime in the dream and she lives with him. So anyhow she's sad and all, she lost all her friends when she tried to truly talk with them about what she was feeling, bad stuff happening all around her, she never sees her brother because he's always out of town, etc. But there's this mysterious older guy that always shows up and talks to her and guides her and tells her about Jesus, the only one who can make life complete. She starts believing him, but it only really pops out at her when her brother gets hit by a car. Then she accepts Christ and prays for her brother. Turns out she never sees the mysterious guy again until he comes back for her and the rest of God's children. Hard to explain but really neat! I was crying through the dream if that's possible. The thing about dreams is you know exactly what going on while you're dreaming them and when you wake up you realize that that it really didn't make any sense and you can't explain it to anybody! Arg. Mom doesn't like dreams. Do ya'll? I need to dream that dream again and remember more of it this time!!!:) When I'm at the point where I can make movies with car wrecks and tornadoes and grown-up, real, actors, that'll be probably the first one I make. I don't wanna compromise this one!
Everything I wrote up there probably doesn't make any sense at all. Oh well. It's still on my mind and I wanted to write it.
~Ariana Taylor~