The Explaination

Yesterday we were celebrating Lane's birthday b/cuz we'll be in Colorado on her real birthday. So we made her a treasure hunt thing with clues to find her presents. THOSE letters are the notes to play on the piano to play HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. That was the last clue, the presents were hidden around the piano. She couldn't figure it out so we said, "try playing em". She got it after awhile but that was the hardest hunt we ever thought up! We played BUMP after dinner. That is THE most annoying game ever!!!! Better than most board games, but I'm just not a board game player.
2, maybe 1 day(s) until we go skiing!!!!!!!!!!! FUNFUNFUN!!!
Ronaldo is at a soccer game right now, and this time I stayed at home and Mom went to the game. I just called her and we're winning 1 to 0! Hooray! They had to be at the fields at 7:30 this morning! We usually do TERRIBLE at early morning games. Lets hope everyone else does too!!! We're lookin good this year we started the season off strong. I know I already said that, but it's true! I'm making a soccer movie as the season gets on, I hope it works out. This will be the hardest movie I've ever made and I have to learn how to do music with it a such. Last game I tried to get some footage of Express getting beat and playing bad but I COULDN'T!!!! They were doing great, God love em! I love soccer. I'm coaching Jess's team this year. Should be interesting - fun too! I've got him, 2 little siblings of players on Ronaldo's team, and some other kids I have yet to meet. Hope we're no 1 seed of U-5. J-man was. I don't think he sees any reason to give that up this season!!! They all rock. Ok enough about soccer!:P