I need to clear something up. I talked with Sarah but here's to everybody else. You probably read that "Update on me post" about 2 posts down about the babysitting and such. My dad told me it looked like I was talking behind other people behind their backs, and just worrying about babysitting for the money, and just overall not sounding like a girl who professes to worship Christ. I am sorry I wrote it that way. I did not mean to do that and when he told me at first I didn't really get it but when I put myself in the reader's shoes it did not sound nice at ALL! So sorry! My point was do your best in whatever circumstance. Turned out as a mistake. *Sigh* Yall know that message anyway! New one: Don't talk naughty about other people! I should probably stick with not talking about other people AT ALL till I get better at that sort of thing. *Sigh again*. I shall try to remember to watch for things from now on but if you notice I DON'T.... TELL ME SO! Dad told me because he figured I'd wanna know what what I said sounds like so I could get right with yall and God. Feel free to do it too! Lord knows I need it! Like that WORD Bekah said I should change because it sounded like a naughty word. Didn't know the word and needed to know. Not the word, but to change it! I probably post a lot of ...questionable things I don't know about. What are friends - and comments and e-mails - for? I'll probably delete that post. Maybe keep it to remind me... Basic message: I posted a bad post. I am sorry about it. Talking about other people mean is not good!
Lots of Luv!
Meggy T