Lazy Day...

Ronaldo, the boys, and Dad went to ODP today. I played RED ALERT 2, read a book, and taught my little sisters how to swordfight. Maybe THAT was a mistake!:P Littlegirl is here opening and closing drawers. About one more month till we have a baby boy! Some friends of ours just had one and made me all jealous! Littlegirl just took off and is crying now because I won't let her up the I just came back from cuddling her. *Sigh* She's spoiled. Not walking yet.
We had our first soccer tournament of the season yesterday in...Russellville? Well we won both games!!!! WHOOPEEEEEE!!!! Ronaldo scored fourice I think! That's not a real word, you say it Four Times. A little bit boring... but yeah we went out there and froze all day. But it was OK because WE WON! It would NOT be cool if we drove all the way out there and froze and lost! Well anyway we had a good startoff!!!
Who's reading through the Bible this year? Our church has this paper you can get that tells you what to read every day so you can read through the Bible in a year. But I'm not doing that this year. This year I don't wanna feel like "Oh I have to read it because it's on the schedule!" I wanna look at some other versions. NKJ is pretty cool. I have NIV. Beauty and the Pig study is in 2 days. Who started? I'm finished! I feel very ON TIME. I think the males are home. Better get off Dad's computer before he sees me!!! (I'm kidding:P:P:P)