The Bird

Here's the rest of those sibling posts! There's naught to tell about Zekeo now but I will once he gets a lil bigger!

Bird - She is a crazy thing! If she were an animal she would be a bird, the way she stumbles and flutters along the ground like some baby bird that can't get off the ground. She also has this chirp that kinda sounds like "mmm?" that means, "can I do this?", "can you do this for me?", or "Gimmie what I want!":P She opens her mouth to beg for other people's food, but her own that is the same thing doesn't taste that good I guess. She says, "Mama", "Daddy", "Cacka?" (cracker) , "Kookah" (cookie), and before she can say any of our names she says "Jo". *Sigh* She soooooooo pretty and has all this sweet dark hair. I fix it every morning when I take her to get dressed and clean up in the morning. Here's some pictures!