The Deathcrawl - Blindfolded!

Get into a crawling position. Have somebody lay their body on your back and have them hold on to you so that they are riding on your back. Now lift your knees off the ground so that you are on your hands and toes. Go. Start crawling.
You know it - the DEATHCRAWL from the movie FACING THE GIANTS. Brock is told to crawl like that to the fifty yard line on the football field. Umm, yeah sure. Then, here's the big part - he is blindfolded. He doesn't think he can, but he is going to try his best. Brock gets going pretty good, but as he goes on he gets tired.
"It hurts!"
His coach is right beside him. "Keep driving! You're doing good! Keep driving!"
"It burns!"
"It's all heart!"
"I can't do it!"
"You can! Don't quit! Don't quit!"
After a long hard drive he finally takes the last step. There his coach removes the blindfold.
"Look up Brock. You're in the End Zone."
As I watched that scene for the hundredth time I was shown something. God is our coach. The deathcrawl is hard, but God tells us to do it. BUT....He blindfolds you. You don't see his plan or where you are. Brock couldn't see how far he had crawled. If he had, he would've quit at the fifty yard line. But since he didn't know he kept on giving his best. If you saw where you were after you're at a certain point you would say, "Ok, this is far enough." But God blindfolds you to his plan.You don't know what he's doing so you have to give your best and keep driving. When you're done walking through the valley you see what a perfect plan he had for you all along. And I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes God quite a bit of yelling to get through to me and get me to keep going! You'd think He'd have a sore throat by now with me myself, not counting the other people He has to yell at!
I hope all that made a little sense. It's a lot easier to think than to write ya know what I mean? *Oh well* Hope you got something!