The History of Bath and No Dad

Tonight I gave Bird and Mayfee a bath. As I was scrubbing Mayf's hair I remembered when he was a little guy and would cry when I dumped water all over his hair. Couple of years ago. He's a big guy now! *Sniff, sniff* From there I thought back further to when I was doing Jess and he would suck on the washrag and when J-dude was so happy when he took his first shower all by himself. Remember giving Lou-lou showers and baths of all things!!! She's all big and not the same baby now. She used to be scared of the water. Lastly when I used to take baths with Laney and we stayed in playing for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Then ya know the steam fogs up the mirror and we'd draw pictures in it. Didn't think things like that would be memories of foreverago at that time! Wonder what I'm gonna remember from right now? I am probably boring ya'll out. Here's a picture of a bath!

Bird Again!!!!!!!!!!!! She just has so many cute pictures cuz she can't help but be pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Dad left to go work at CCU yesterday. Seems like a loooong time ago! SAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! We are hoping to sell the house soon so we can join him in CO. I wonder about the people who are going to buy are house. What are they doing and what's the hold-up! Ronaldo's being a good man while Dad's gone. He got us all lunch and snowcones today! We also filmed some more movie today. The ALIEN part!!!!! He scared ME!!! He's got all these eyes. And eyes on his eyeLIDS soooooo....he's never blinking. The closed eye stare is creeeeeeepy!!!!!!!! He doesn't speak English so he has SUBTITLES!!!!!!!! Cool huh? He said after we watched it, "Ok I'm freakin myself out!" You Britter and Brother people will like it!!!!! Have a nice day! Meggy T