My Crazy Bros and Sises

I felt like posting about my sibs 2day.

LANE - She is absolutely opposite from me in almost every way. We do like the same books and I don't think we have ever disagreed about a book. Not to easy to get her all mad, but when she gets mad it's over a little thing and leaves you confused. She's easy to get pushed in the right direction though. She will only be crazy and goofy if somebody else does first and she has to know the people she's around VERY well. That's why nobody except her family has seen her freak. Her free time is spent in boy's games, such as wrestling, soccer, or video games but that's not bad and I can't argue because I am the same way. Boys stay children longer than girls stay children. Boy sports will keep you happy and younger for longer! She also crochets. She's the only one in our family that does that.

STICKS - A very tricky and deceptive fellow. Not in a bad way, he just shows you never to be deceived by appearances. Most of the time he's a very decent mild-mannered sort of fellow, but he has got the wildest demeanor, God love him. He's got the kookiest things going through his head and it comes out with an all new clownish sense of humor. For all that to come out he has to be having a good time, be with people he knows well, and no adults allowed. Mom's never even seen it I don't think unless she pokes her head out the door when me and him are on a walk or something. Dad's seen it though when he's having a good time. Some people he's around have never seen his weird side and some people see nothing but. He's always crazy at soccer and he's good at that ball game too! J-man thinks he the big Deal! He likes to get on Laura's nerves but most of the time she doesn't mind. It's all his fault about our boy recreational activities. We play with him, then find out that is fun and now we're messed up! He doesn't like to read a lot, but he likes AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, the NARNIA books, and the GA Henty books. Books are what we don't agree on too much. He likes it when I tell him stories about what happens in STAR WARS books.

Lu-lu - She is crazy ALL THE TIME!!! It's her serious side people need to know her well to see. It mostly comes out in our room at night when we're talking about something serious....which is about once a month!:P She likes being a girl, but no one can escape Sticks's influence of boy play. I don't really get what goes on in her head! I don't think she quite knows either yet! She likes to listen to books I read aloud and the MOODY books. She kinda just goes with the flow and follows along with whatever we're having fun with! When we skip parts in movies so we can get it done she wants do do it at the good part! She dances worship dance and is pretty strong. She likes monkey bars much. She's got a tongue crib that makes her talk kinda funny sometimes! SCARY!!!:P

I'll post about the boys later!!!