Went to ACT test place today and I think I left my brain there. I've wheedled it back about to half of where it's supposed to be. The test is hard and we have much homework to do. 2 essays, math test, and a science test. TJ described it as a tube that goes from your book to your brain and vacuums out the latter. Not a far cry!
Life is alright now though. I made myself a bagel egg sandwich for dinner. Yum! Mom told me to watch Andy Griffith - something that requires NO brains! Twas a good plan too! Showing your brain that you don't need it REALLY makes it edge back. We showed the house to some new people today. Whoohoo!
This is the font that Sarah's bro said to use when you write a script. And I am! It's got many many lame lines in it! Oh, well. I'll probably correct THAT script for years and years then eventually get somebody else to correct it and find the lameness for me! Whoever did ERAGON should've done that. "Into the sky, to win or die!" Taha! What is that?! Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. Oh another cheesy thing while I'm right here. In FACING THE GIANTS when the whole Giants team busts through the banner at the state championship game, the banner says: "SUPPORT THE GIANTS"! That is just funny. Turns out Alex Kendrick just told that team to whip up a banner and that, my friends, is what happens when you leave a set of high school football-loving boys to their own devices lol!
My test scores came in yesterday. I did alright. Not as good as I was last year though. The brain slips away slowly but surely. I guess you just don't have it during your teenage years and then get it again as an adult. Maybe I'm wrong though. Is that right Dad? Or do you never get them back? Lady's mom said you get them back around 40, but I think Mom has brain! God protect your Brain!