Dad Home:D, Happy Mother's Day:) and Bye Bye Soccer Buddies:(

DAD IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoopee!!!! And Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!!
Yesterday Dad took Sticks to his last soccer game with EXPRESS 96. He played good and scored "The second best goal in his career". A nice hard chip over the goalie's head straight into the back of the net. We lost, but it was actually the older EXPRESS team. All just friends. Well, it was the LAST game with those guys so Coach told them to give Sticks a hug or a kiss cuz he was done. Dad got a bunch of friend pictures with them. I was actually pretty sad. Sticks has grown up with a lot of those guys-enemies or friends as rec allowed. Most of them were more like fun business partners to Sticks than friends, but we're gonna miss em. The most ridiculous boys ever, God love em:P Here's the pics:
(Left to Right)Dyl, Code, Kev, Sticks, Mav, Serg, Trev, Rono, Ev, Logana, Dallas, and CC

Then Dad says, "Alright, everybody touch his head!" Bottom row starts hollering "I can't reach!" while the ones that did get ahold of it yell, "Aaaaeew! It's wet!":D (Look at Mav's face! If you zoom in you can probably see the pictures better)

Sticks with Logana. Before Colorado these two planned to be on a pro team together. Maybe they still can be....

Sticks and Code. These 2 were always enemies in rec since they were 4, but on EXPRESS - best buddies!

The 2 Ronaldos: Sergiano and Christiano! Serg fairly recently joined EXPRESS and Sticks likes him a lot!

Sticks and our (big) goalie, Stickyfingers. Sticks AND Dyl and actually moving (it's nice that SOMEBODY else is in the same boat!). This is the "Flee Arkansas!!!! Everybody hates us!!!!" picture!lol

Hope these guys do well without my Dominator there to win for them! They are losing Sticks, Mav the Traitorious, and Stickyfingers our only goalie. I hope some more guys come to help them out! Bye EXPRESS 96! We'll miss you! Win Games! Do well!