Fun Cousins on a Rainy Day

A nice rainy day. The Wingmen came over and played a bit. Beat Jerrjerrod at Red Alert 2. Funfunfun! Sticks showed The Just all his old coins and The Just was newly christened The Salesman b/cuz he had an old coin book that showed you how much everything was worth. Lemme tell ya, Stonewall is GOOD at Battlefront!!! Shocked me unpleasantly. We broke into Jerrjerrod's sourdough bread when they left. It was yum! Nothing much besides that has been going on. Tomorrow we start full swing school. ACT Testing as well. That math is hard. Somebody is interested in our house and we're supposed to hear something today. We've been packing a lot too. And Dad's been looking for houses. Moving is hard work!

You're Blindly Deathcrawling, but very happy, friend,

Meggy T ("I ain't done. I'm just restin a second")