Some Things I Do

It is a Sunday without Dad:( Better than Saturday though! We had zucchini bread for breakfast, watched church on TV and peoples are playing outside. I am reading JO'S BOYS out loud to the girls at night. Lovely book! I've read it before, but it's new every time. Now when I'm not reading it to them I'm skipping around in it finding out everything that happens again!! I'm also not very good at keeping things to myself once I find somebody who knows what I'm talking about. Sooooo... Louie now knows some things. I started it by telling her that John Brooke dies, chapters before it actually happened when we were reading LITTLE MEN, now she's pushing for information about who Tommy Bangs ends up marrying and how. I She IS a good interrogator...or am I just a stinky secret keeper? I flip through every book I read to find out what happens first or as I'm going along. Nothing can surprise me that way! I hate surprises.

Oh, while I was flipping today Zekey was sleeping on my bed. He was really cute:) Until he woke up and started to squall of course!!! Whenever I'm multi-tasking and watching him is involved he falls asleep. On my chest usually! I like to watch Facing the Giants on Mommy's bed that way - he does too! Really! That's the best way to watch a movie because it makes you feel happy:D

Ummm... What else? Nothin? Oh, the BIONICLE show! Of course!!! For those of you who don't know what a BIONICLE is, they look like this:

Little boys build them in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. We have many. The idea for the show came when Jess was sad because he couldn't go out to snowcones when everybody else was. This kid DOES NOT know how to play by himself. He mourned, and the idea of BIONICLES didn't even cheer him up. I told him to build some really good ones anyway and that we would have a BIONICLE show. The eyes got big and, in wonder of what a BIONICLE show was, he ran off and came back later with 3 many-legged plastic creations. I dragged a couple of boxes over and put a blanket over them. He made up a story, had to work on speaking loud enough and hiding his head, as it often popped up to twist the arm in the right direction. He decorated a bunch of little ticket's, lined up chairs in rows, and I made a BIONICLE SHOW sign...then everybody came back. He stood with the tickets and a little cup and watched the pennies go in and the chairs fill up. We were sold out!!:P I thought he was gonna get behind there and make up an entirely new story, but he actually got it almost word for word! It went, "Once upon a time there was a BIONICLE. (Said creature came up and walked along the stage) He was just taking a walk, then another BIONICLE said, "I will fight you!" (BIONICLE with a deep scary voice comes up) "I will beat you!" BASH! BAM! (Clashing and fighting. the second BIONICLE falls) "HA, HA, HA!" says the BIONICLE. Then ANOTHER one comes to fight! (Enter BIONICLE) BASH! BAM! (more fighting and the third BIONICLE falls. The audience cheers) But....(he gets back up) "I'm not dead!" (Fighting. Third BIONICLE falls - dead this time.) Now THIS! (A blue lightning gun finishes off the foe) "Now I'm gonna SIT on em!" (Proceeds to do so and draws a laugh from an amused audience) The end. Applause, applause. He remembered to come out and bow to the people even though we only practiced that once! He was pretty happy and made everybody give their tickets back.