Last night I went to Lavender's surprise party. Twas fun! She was surprised! Sad though, because that might be the last time I see her:( We played a musical chairs game, a guess-who-you-are game, and THEY played Jalapeno Pepper Poppers. Eeek! I took pictures. Britter is good at that game, she just stood there with jalapenos in her mouth! Cole wasn't bad either...
When I got home, all the big kidz watched Lord of the Rings. The first one. The BEST one! Sticks konked out after the cave troll, but at least he was in his bed! Lane and I just left Louie snoozing on the couch when we hit the sack.

This morning we watched Joel Osteen. Really good! It was about not stressing out when you can't see God working in your life. Fits the occasion I think... Later we watch FBC. We record that and watch the good part and skip the songs! Heheh! Started Jeff Allen on BANANAS, but now he's paused until after lunch I guess. There's the bell now! Yum! Bye!