Fun with Wingycousins!

We got to go to the cousins' house for a family weekly get-together thing they were doing. It was neat that they asked us because we aren't technically cousins! But it was really cool, we got to meet some of their real cousins. There was JD and he was real nice, we all got along great right away. There was Aust and Dyl, who were 4 and 2, and Jess, Jman, and Mayfee really enjoyed them. They were great! All the little boys had an awesome time finding little frogs and such. I wasn't that escatated when Just snuck up on me with one of those though! (He WILL be some kind of comedian one day!) We also met their Nana and Pawpaw, and their aunt and uncle who were all super-duper nice and great! We ate a bunch of sloppy joes, then played some whiffle-ball. It was really funny, Mrs. W separated everybody into teams so the ages would be right and it was all Taggs vs Wingycousins except for me and Drallen! So I was with the Wingycousins and the adults on our team were Wingyaunt and Mrs. W. Mom and Mr. W were on the Tagg team. It was really fun, and Wingys won!!! Yipee! Sticks was sliding into bases and such. He was the fastest one out there! Mayfee was even hitting the ball! Mr. W would say, "All right, look out everybody! Here's the big hitter!!!" He was grinning like a coon and ran the bases when he was supposed to. Princess Bird didn't like the idea of playing and cried some. She always wanted Mom to hold her and when she left it was either me, Lane, or Mrs. W. Another funny thing - she would kiss all the Wingy cousins but she wouldn't touch JD! She just looked at him with an "I don't know you, back off!" look and shook her head! She did like cookies and ice cream though!!!
When we got home that night we had a battle with a huge moth that was trying to take over our bedroom! We won though!!!(I think it was that one that we saw in the garage Dad) It was about the size of a big butterfly.
We went to McDonald's with everybody today because we were showing the house. I was petrified of that yucky place! If it were up to me, everybody that touched that play stuff would take a shower at home!!!:P I think it's Dad's fault I'm like that. He doesn't like germs and taught me in his ways!!!:P When we get back, we find that the people were running late and they didn't even come!!!!!!!!! They still want to do it today, but wherever we go - NOT McDONALD'S!!!!
I've been playing 3rd AGE on the XBOX and reading ERAGON today. Any good book I haven't read ideas? I'm out of books.
Have a Beeyoutiful Day!
Meggy T