Going to Colorado

I'm leaving the blogger world for awhile. I am going to Colorado to see Dad and see Sticks play in his first tournament with SWOOSH. I am gonna have to learn all those guys' names so I can yell better! Mom told me that Sticks is getting on good with the coach's son. I can still not click that Sticks will not play for EXPRESS anymore. Maybe this will help me. I still think, "Hey! When he comes back he'll be in time to play in Dawg Daze!" But no. I hope all goes well. So anyway, Grandma T is coming and will drive - yes DRIVE - us to...Billy's place I guess. That's where Dad is....I think. I'll shall be back Wednesday next (13th)...I think! Don't listen to me, I don't know anything!!!!!:P So, faretheewell! Pray muches for everything!
Oh, by the way, I was flipping through Daughters of Destiny today. That's how I read when I'm out of books, just look at all my books that I've already read. Anyhow, I was reading about a brave settler lady and her husband. Indians came at their door and somehow managed to shoot something through the door, bust it open and fling tomahawks, or otherwise manage to give the husband a good knockout. When they started crawling in the door through the hole they had made, the lady got a big axe and smashed that one's head, then pulled him through into the room. His slow friend decided to try his luck and got a thwack too. Two got smart and left a friend at the door and tried a different way in. But they were too noisy at the chimney and the lady ran over to the feather bed, ripped it open and threw the feathers on the little fire. Preety soon two injuns come tumbling down and she bashes their heads (fire doesn't do the trick fast enough, ya know). Well that one friend by the door poked his head in to see what was going on, but when she swung at him she missed his head and just got his cheek. The Indian ran home and told his friends how a ferocious white woman was killing all the Indians who were fighting her gallantly, and how only he had been skilled enough to fight his way through with only a cut on the cheek!
The book is actually much more descriptive and violent than me. Oh well, I thought that was pretty brave and I could just SEE it happening! That's almost like Gimli, ya know? Haha!