I feel I should post, though there's nothing in particular to post about. Lets see, Mom went to a garage sale and got a couple of patio tables and chairs. Louie, Sticks, and Lane have been painting them I think they're gonna finish that today.
I'm borrowing a book called WOMAN IN WHITE. It's not bad! Not bad as in I remember where I am while I'm reading it, but I still get the story. It's kinda mysterious in a way that makes your eyebrows go up a couple centimeters, then down as low as they can go.
Ummm...Oh, Nan and Emy are comin over Tuesday to carry out our scheme!!! That means we're gonna watch the new Pride and Prejudice (the best one)! Funfunfun!!!
Speaking of movies, my Facing the Giants one ran off from it's home in Mom's DVD player. We have no clue where an unwronged, round, shiny thing with a hole in the middle could've gone to. I'm offering up a reward for it to scheming siblings. may be found. Things are mysteriously disappearing only to be found when you're not really looking for them. My camera did it once and I was transmorgified, but it was behind a couch pillow later. Huh I say! Ready for some drama....."WHY? (sob) FACING THE GIANTS WAS THE BEST (I THINK)!!! (sniff) O unfaithful DVD, we shall mourn your departure and eagerly await the day when you return to us as the prodigal son did, repentant and remorseful! We shall not give up our most desperate search for thee!" Teehee!!!!!! Rather untrue, everybody's at their leisure right now! Besides, LOTR is best anyway!
I babysat last night for Nellie and Willy. (Does that sound ironic to you?:P) They're really good though most of the time!
We went to church this morning and everybody was good (including Bro. Dale!). Just had a bean burrito for lunch I am now. With Froggy. He smiles a lot now!
I guess I'll post about Scheme Day if nothing happens between then and now.
Meggy T