Season's Greetings!!!

That means it's HOT!! I have to go inside on a sunny day or I'll get wet!!! It's really sticky!!!!
I babysat all day today, and I babysit all day tomorrow. Not much going on. Sticks bought us girlys the LITTLE WOMEN movie today. Whoohoo! We're going to the TAGG END CINEMA at 2:00pm tomorrow! (Hey Sarah, our house is TAGG END so yalls house should be HOBBITON) Siblings went swimming, Bird nearly dove off the counter, and I met a weird clicking, bouncing bug today. It was weird, it was like a skinny beetle, that wouldn't crawl, it just made a click and bounced aimlessly into the air, looking like if you put a normal beetle into a frying pan, I guess hoping that that bounce took him closer to wherever he wanted to get to! Anybody know what that is? Here's a good song. Have you heard it? It's really catchy:
Britt Nicole - You
From the album: Say It
I’ve been looking for love in another’s eyes
Searching for water, but I come up dry
Thought that I could find Happiness in the world’s applause
Peace of mind in a worthy cause
Take me back, take me back
Got to trust in the simple truth
Got to trust all I really need is
I’m coming back to You
The only thing I know worth living for
Will You take this heart and make it more like
I give it back to You
It’s obvious no one could love me more
I’m Yours
I’m coming, coming back,
yeah I’m coming, coming back
To joy that speaks to my deepest need
To arms never far out of reach
Yeah, how Your love it
Calls to me when I loose my way
Holds me close when I feel afraid
Take me back, take me back
Got to trust that I’m save and sound
Got to trust that it all comes down to
So no more getting caught in the middle
No more waiting for what is unsure
Back to Your love so true and so simple
Don’t understate it or complicate it
It’s so simple, yeah, it’s so simple