Feeling BLUE - the Color!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. Psalm 112:4
MOVIE OF THE DAY: Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller

Dad leaves today at 4 :( It was weird sleeping in our room without Lane in there! We went and picked up our mail yesterday cuz the post office was holding for us while we were gone. CALL TO BATTLE was in there! Hooray! My article was in front. People look in and they read that first article and go, "Oh, all these people write like that? This magazine's junk!"
From what I hear, the HUNTED movie that Lucas and Sunshine Princess are doing is going well. (I just couldn't resist the Lucas thing!) I keep forgetting to e-mail you girl! I'll see if I can after this post.
Dad got the NETFLIX thing and we watched NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. It was pretty dumb, but cute and funny. He cussed though. It makes me mad when they do that! They don't need to!
I am feeling a little yuck today. I finished that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book that also has the Suicide Club, and The Body Snatcher in it. I won't be reading that again. The Body Snatcher is real short so i read it all at once and...it wasn't a good idea! I wasn't Daddy-I-need-you scared, more like uh-demonic-spirits-are-arguing-with-my-guardian-angel scared. I read some Bible and listened to Air 1. It worked great! Must go!