More on the Cancer Kidz

You've heard about these guys before, and now I'm telling you again! These kids need some backup! That is, lots of prayers!!! Cancer is something awful. Now my Grandma has breast cancer and it made me feel even more for all these victims and their families.
Elijah is 6 years old and he just relapsed with Neuroblastoma, when he's already been through treatment once. He was about my first cancer buddy and as you can see, the coolest one!:P It made me really sad when he relapsed because I had basically watched him all the way through it and rejoiced in his newly-recovered long locks every time I went to his site. He is such a trooper and I can't wait until he's done with this business.

Job McCully is one of my newer pals. He is now 9 and he's been fighting a whole bunch of junk since he was 4. He needs a lung transplant and right now he's in San Antonio waiting for some lungs to be available. Here's a link to his video that will make you think. (It's not youtube or anything): Testimonial (revised 2006)
Here's a sweet little thing huh?:) Savanna Hamm is a whopping 3 years old and is now to my knowledge cancer-free!! I don't really know a lot about her journey through PleuroPulmonary Blastoma, a very rare type of childhood lung cancer, but when I found her site I checked it about every day. I think it's because she reminds me of my three-year-old so much, and I could just not imagine life with him in that situation. She's so adorable and I pray hard she won't be so unfortunate as to relapse like some kids.
Remember that I have all these and more sites linked below! Pray for them much!! Even if you never meet them on earth, they teach you a lot.