A Randomness Post

VERSE OF THE DAY: Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. Psalm 9:10

BOOK OF THE DAY: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

It turns out I'm not staying longer. Here's the plan:

  • We all leave Colorado on Friday
  • Dad, Lane, and Sticks go back to Colorado a couple of days after that, while the rest of us stay in Arkansas for the month of August
  • Arkanesians prepare emotionally to leave AR to go to the Bs house in CO for what may be a long time if we don't sell the house in August.

So that's the plan. I was feeling real homesick yesterday. All of sudden, for some reason or another. *weird* Oo! Check it out! Tagg kids have a Book Review blog!! http://www.readitreviews.blogspot.com/

I guess you noticed the book of the day up there. Mom and Dad got us a bunch of classic novels last night!!! I'm about to go read that one. Since my last post I have read STEPPING HEAVENWARD. Me likey!! I've got a new video in the video section below too. It's my favorite song I do not have. We did end up losing that soccer game:( Waaa!

Leaving AR forever seems REALLY close now!!:( Tell me peoples, what will I miss most about AR? I think I shall now migrate upstairs and read my book. Laying on a bed is the best way to read a book I think. Cya!