Soccer Stuff

A few days ago Sticks got the opportunity to meet somebody in an honorable place in his hall of fame - LANDON DONOVAN!!!!!!! All of you probably don't know who that is (annoying:P). He plays forward on the USA National team!!! Come on!:P:P:P I got to go too, because he's in my hall of fame too, just his picture isn't as big:) I took the camera and got pictures. Sticks got an autographed picture and also snuck up on him and said a few words!!!! WOW!!! Here's one of the pictures taken by me...

He's got Dad's hairdo!:P
So Sticks had a tournament this week with Swoosh. We got a win and two losses and...we play the best team in the state at 2 today. He got 3 assists and a goal. Funfunfun! It wasn't as fun when we lost, but still cool that he gets to play! Mangnay came and watched yesterday then we headed to Emo's for burgers! Yum! One of Sticks's soccer friend's family offered to let us stay with them for awhile so...we might do that and stay for a couple weeks more. Dad just showed me how to get pics off of smugmug, so here's a SWOOSH team picture.

Zeke, Liam, Nate, Riley, John, Diego, Darius, Connor, Sean, Sticks, Connor, Roby, Jake, and Brendan

The kiss to the crowd after Sticks gets his medal:P

I'll let you know how we do today! Go Swoosh!