Happy August!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. James 1:5


1 more month till Fall!!! Can't wait. The air is so thick here you have to take scissors and cut yourself a way through!!!:)
Ya know I've had this blog for over a year! Whoa! I wonder how long I'll have it? Maybe till I have kids!!! Heehee! But when I get married I'll change the mt part of the site to m-whatever.
The nose piece popped off my glasses and I don't know where it is. I'll need to take that to Wal-Mart.
Started that book of the day and like it so far! I think Dad described it as "the best novel in the whole world". And if you were gonna read Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, don't. Not worth the time and when the other stories in there got a little...supernatural I quit it. I miss Lane and Sticks and Dad:( Dad couldn't get a flight to CO, so he's staying with Grandparents T and Lane & Sticks. I think he's gonna drive up with them.
I like the verse of the day today! He'll give it to us! I think we all could use some wisdom huh? Here's something Warrior of the Dawn wrote and I went, "Wow! So true and awesome!" so I'll stick it on here:

I serve a King whom I have never seen. I had spit in His face and rebelled against His rule, thus earning the penalty of death. But He sent His Son to die in my place and then adopted me as His child. Everything I do, everything I am, it all comes back to that. He isn't just number one in my life; He's everything. At least, He should be; too often I still rebel against Him and break His heart. But He loves me anyway. Even cooler than the fact that He does all that for me is that He's willing to do all that for you, too. If you want that, just call on the Name of Jesus.
God Bless!