Of Mice and Men

Sticks is our Man of the House while Dad's gone and today we had need of a man. Apparently two mice think our garage is the best thing since sliced bread and won't get out. ARG!!!! :0 I was actually getting a box out of the car, then saw a mouse and figured the box could wait. It was Good-Bye Garage!!!!!!!!!! We got these "no cheese" mouse traps. You don't need cheese because there is already this plastic, no-scent, neon-yellow, square thing with holes in it. You could be a starving mouse and still know that if there are fish in trees, then that is a real piece of cheese:) Sticks is smarter than whoever made up those things, and put some cheese in there anyway. The mice took it and ran. Deardearme. Tried again and took the BB gun this time. Killed it. HOORAY!!!! The girls' hero!!! He was happy he killed it, but kinda sad that he had to kill it. If they would leave people's houses alone they wouldn't die so often! There's still one in there, but if he's got half a brain he'll leave!!! Beware mouse!!!:P